March/April Faves

Hey there!

I hope everyone had a great Easter and long weekend!

I know April isn’t over yet so I thought I would mix the faves up with March as well!

This is my first faves post so I hope you like it!


So in this first photo I have:

* My shoes from: Betts ‘sparkey’

* My jeans from: Zara

* The albums are all from jb hi fi (which I all love)

– Built on glass – by Chet Faker

– Careless your soul – by Sticky Fingers

– An Awesome Wave – By alt-J


In this second post here I have:

* Eos lip balm which is from an online store (sorry I cant remember)

* Stripe bodysuit I got as a gift

* Bubble-gum lip scrub from: Lush

* Rookie mag which I got from: Dymocks (book store)

* My cactus and my cactus pot

– The pot is from a store up in the Blue Mountains

– The cactus is from my grandmas garden

* My wire wrap crystal choker which I got as a gift


And in this last photo here I have:

* The sheet which I got as a gift as well

* The lace socks from: Urban Outfitters

* The crescent moon choker from:  Spahkily Boutique

* ‘The perks of being a wallflower’ is from: Dymocks


That’s it for my March/April faves I hope you liked it!

xx Liv




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