DIY tissue paper pom pom!

DIY tissue paper pom pom!


You will need:

– tissue paper

– scissors



1) Lay 8 sheets of tissue paper on top of each other.


2) Portrait way, make a 1.5 inch accordion folds. Creasing each fold.


3) Once finished folding to the end, tie your string or ribbon to the middle. secure it with a  double knot.



4) With your scissors cut curved or pointed edges! I chose to do curved edges.


5) Open your wings so it looks like a butterfly.


6) Start with one side and gently pull 1 layer at a time towards the middle. Remember you have to pull it to the centre on the other side as well. And since you have 8 sheets you can pull 4 to one side and 4 to another.


7) Once you have completed both sides, you can shape it to complete the look! then with the sting you can hang it off you celling with the sting you attached. This looks really good with other pom poms in different colours and you also don’t have to do it one colour you can put coordinate the sheets of tissue paper to make a multicolour pom pom!




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